Dr. Yana Korobko is a practicing psychoanalyst based in Kiev.

Clinical and analytical experience:

Kyiv city clinical psychoneurological hospital №1 (2018-2020), psychologist
Oncology Clinic LISOD (2017-2018), psychologist
British International School (2016-2017), psychologist
Swiss Medica XXI Century (2015), psychologist
Dr. Vorobiev Rehab Clinic (2015), psychologist
Clinic Healthy Vessels (2014-2015), psychologist


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, master’s degree with honors, specialization – psychology, Ukraine, 2014.

University Nice Sophia-Antipolis, master’s degree, specialization – psychoanalysis, France, 2018.

Yale University, training course in post-traumatic stress disorder, certificate of attendance, USA, 2014.

Medical College of Madrid, practical psychology course, certificate of attendance, Spain, 2015.

Participation in conferences and seminars:

Conference “How to work with a depressed patient”, Juan David Nacio, 2011

Conference “Unconscious is a repetition”, Juan David Nacio, 2013

Lecture “Difficulties of adolescents in the modern world”, Serge LeSour, 2015

Lecture “Dependencies, or how to deceive expectations”, Claude Escande, 2015

Lecture “Mental suffering associated with the rupture of marital relations, children’s rights and postmodern”, Claude Shoder, 2016

Lecture “Castration”, Serge LeSour, 2016

Lecture “Melancholy and the pain of existence”, Claude Escande, 2016

Lecture “Formation of adolescents in modern society”, Serge LeSour, 2016

Lecture “Perversion”, Sergio Benvenuto, 2016

Lecture “Addictive behavior: what and why?”, Elena Savchenko, 2016

International experience in medical institutions and rehabilitation centers.

She is also the author of the book: “Arabs in Treatment: Development of mental health system and psychoanalysis in the Arabo-Islamic world”

Types of work: psychological counseling, psychoanalysis.

Yana Korobko speaks fluently in 9 languages, of which: English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, French. And the demography of patients covers: the UK, Canada, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, etc.